Tour Guide Gisela Vayda - Discover the charms of Rio de Janeiro with a "Carioca"

Unique and exclusive tours are developed for you and your family sharing the best of our culture, history and people. You will be the only passengers on your tailor-made tour, attending to your wishes and expectations, comfort, flexibility, privacy and convenience.

I will share my knowledge in a very personal way. It will make you feel how the Brazilian hospitality is.

Tour Guide Gisela Vayda

Enjoy the best in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro !

My service includes me or one of my trusted guides of my team as a tour guide or a driver guide in your language, which can be English, German, Spanish, Portuguese or another language under request, in a deluxe car, during your visit to Rio de Janeiro.

For bigger groups I can also provide larger cars (Van 14 people capacity), Mini Buses (26 people capacity) or Buses (46 people capacity).

You will get VIP service for regular prices.

I love what I do and I look forward to see  you in Rio! 

"Although I've never lived abroad, I have learnt the various languages I speak, when I went to the Swiss School in Rio de Janeiro. I also have had the opportunity to travel a lot and have known many countries where I experienced lots about their culture and habits. Through this knowledge I have the ability to fully understand what my passengers seek in the “wonderful city” of Rio de Janeiro."

- Gisela Vayda

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'Imperial City' of Brazil and the only imperial city of the Americas.
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I'm a "Carioca" and I have been a licensed Tour Guide since 2013. I speak English, German, Spanish and Portuguese and I'm one of the fortunate persons in this world to that work in a job that I absolutely love. Read More...